How To Trek To World’s End AND Survive

How To Get There

The train ride to Nuwara Eliya – the closest town to Horton Plains – from Colombo Fort station is roughly a 6 hour journey through misty mountains and acres of wild forest and cultivated land. Buy your train tickets to Nanu Oya – the train station closest to Nuwara Eliya at the ticket counters. The 05:55 hrs train from Colombo is the best train to Nanu Oya, on either second class or third class compartments. Second class tickets are priced at LKR 370 while third class is priced at LKR 240. If you want to reserve your seat, pre-book a second class ticket, but keep in mind that third class operates on a first come first serve basis.

Where To Stay

The 05:55 hrs train should arrive at Nanu Oya close to noon, which leaves plenty of time to gather your belongings, grab a tuk from the station and head into town to find your accommodation and check-in. Fortunately, the quiet town of Nuwara Eliya has a ton of budget friendly accommodation options for you to choose from. Book ahead though. Trek to World’s End the next morning, where you should aim to be at the entrance by 06:00 hrs.

How To Get To Horton Plains

Simply get online and do a simple search on transport options to the protected park. A vehicle for the day should ideally cost you between LKR 4,500-5,000, which you can split with other travellers.

#YohoTip Make friends during your train ride, you might find someone who’s looking to share costs to Horton Plains.

Entrance to Horton Plains is a bit tricky and you should expect to pay a lot, especially if you’re not a local or resident in Sri Lanka. Ensure you pay for yourself, anybody else with you, the van and the driver – a 12% service tax and VAT is added to the total. Foreign rates amount to LKR 4,000 for entrance while local tickets come priced at LKR 60.

Worlds End

Inside this expansive protected park, you’ll find Bakers Fall, Little Worlds End, and the famous World’s End in Sri Lanka. The entire trail is approximately 9 km, ensure you pack water but remove the plastic labels from the bottle beforehand. Once you reach World’s End, remember not to stand too close to the edge when taking or posing for photographs. It’s a mighty long drop to the bottom! Rest well during the trek and try to make it back out of the park before noon, as a blanket of mist usually starts rolling in around 10:00 hrs.

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How To Make Your Weekend In Colombo Exciting!

Head to the Beach

Retreat under the shade of a beach umbrella during the sweltering morning sun, or take a cold dip in the ocean at Mount Lavinia Beach. During weekends, this is an excellent spot to meet up with friends, fly kites, or just chill with a cool drink in hand. The beach is also one of the top places to visit in Colombo for couples, thanks to the romantic setting. Come sun down, the bars and restaurants that line the beachfront come alive with music, and several EDM parties are held in this area as well. To find out time and dates, keep an eye on social media.

Chill out at Barefoot (or any other cafe!)

Cafe culture has really picked up in the city, and there’s no shortage of places to go that not only provide a decent cup of latte, but some really good entertainment as well. Barefoot cafe has several options from a quiz night held every Wednesday, to live jazz performances at noon every Sunday. If they’re showcasing a new artist, you may even be able to pop into the gallery to view the work. Other cafes like Barista, Bakes by Bella and Aura Cafe hold open mic night performances at least one a month, check out their Facebook pages for dates and times since these aren’t routine gigs. If you’re a poetry buff, gather with other poets on the first Sunday of the month at Hansa cafe, from 2pm onward for Poetry Pilau – you can read your own work or simply sit back and listen to readings. Thanks to cafes like these, Colombo’s weekend events options are steadily rising.

Wander the streets of Pettah

While this may not be the first point in your list of places to visit in Colombo, exploring the streets of Pettah can be quite fun. Full of sound, colours and smells – plunge into the chaos that makes up Pettah, from endless rows of shops, stalls filled with colourful handbags and sarees, or open markets where you can find designer knock offs at bargain prices. People watch as they go about their day buying and selling everything conceivably under the sun. When the madness around you starts to get too much, duck into one of the numerous Bombay Sweet houses for piping hot beef samosas and a tall icy faluda, before venturing out again.

Go on a weekend Break

If you are in the mood to travel, then head out of the city on a weekend break. Sri Lanka has plenty of incredible travel destinations on offer, from affordable villas along the golden beaches of Bentota and Hikkaduwa on the southern coast, to cosy bungalows amid the lush green hills of Hatton and Nuwara Eliya in the hill country.

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